The Best Loyalty Program Names: 11 Tips to Name Yours with 20 Real-Life Examples

Daniela Andreevska
April 8, 2023
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The Best Loyalty Program Names - 11 Tips to Name Yours with 20 Examples

Having a loyalty program can do miracles for growing your brand and your business. However, just starting any customer loyalty program will not suffice to achieve the ultimate goal of improving customer retention and boosting sales. To reap the full benefits, you have to plan and execute the setup of your loyalty program carefully in terms of type (points-based vs. cashback), size of rewards, eligibility criteria, tiers, and name.

Arguably, how you name your loyalty program can make or break your success. The name is the first thing that customers will see about your rewards program, so it has to be something catchy, yet self-explanatory enough to convey the message that it’s a loyalty program, but still mysterious enough to get them curious and willing to learn more about it.

Here we will provide you with the top 11 tips on how to choose the best loyalty program names for your ecommerce store. In addition, we’ll look at 20 brands that have crushed it when naming their loyalty program.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Loyalty Program?
  • Why Are the Names of Loyalty Programs Important?
  • How to Name Your Loyalty Program for Maximum Attraction
  • 50 Top Loyalty Program Names Ideas to Give You a Headstart
  • Getting Started with the Best Loyalty Program

What Is a Loyalty Program?

Before we get into how to name your loyalty program, let’s take a minute to define a loyalty program. A customer loyalty program, also known as a rewards program, is a digital marketing strategy that rewards customers for their loyalty to a brand and for doing continuous business with it. By incentivizing existing customers to shop more from a certain online store, it turns them into loyal customers, or brand loyalists.

The benefits of customer loyalty are numerous. In sum, they come back more and make larger purchases each time. Moreover, they have the potential to turn into brand ambassadors and help you build your online presence and brand reputation.

That’s why it is a smart move for a brand to launch a loyalty program for its ecommerce marketplace. When doing so, it should make sure to choose the most relevant and appropriate names of loyalty programs.

Why Are the Names of Loyalty Programs Important?

Loyalty Program Names Importance

Coming up with the best loyalty program names ideas is important because it holds the key to opening the door to reaping all the potential benefits of a loyalty program.

The name of your rewards program is the first thing that customers see about it, so it has to be something that they feel attracted to, intrigued by, and wanting to figure out more about. The name has to appeal to their emotions by showing the values of the brand and the benefits of the program as well as creating a sense of inclusivity (being a part of a community) and exclusivity (being treated like a VIP for being a loyal customer) at the same time.

In other words, the name for your program should make customers want to become a part of this and retain membership for years to come.

How to Name Your Loyalty Program for Maximum Attraction

We’ve analyzed how hundreds of global brands from various industries have named their rewards programs. We’ve noticed that all great loyalty program names share some common characteristics among themselves.

Based on these patterns, here are the 11 most effective tips on how to choose the name of your loyalty program to optimize the results:

Tip #1: Go Simple

The key to most successful ecommerce strategies is simplicity. You don’t want the name of your loyalty program to confuse and bewilder customers and end up sending them away to the competition. You want the name to be something specific, concrete, and easy to understand, appreciate, and remember.

Using words like rewards, club, circle, and membership can do the trick. They are simple and straightforward enough for everyone to understand this is about a loyalty program. Yet, they already start creating this sense of inner circle and exclusivity that every loyal customer wants to feel.

Best Examples of Simple Loyalty Reward Program Names

We’ve brought you three examples of different names to call a loyalty program for maximum simplicity. There are three huge brands from different industries that opted for simplicity and achieved great success.

Both Starbucks Rewards, Barnes & Noble Rewards, and Pret Perks (by Pret A Manger) contain all the information that a customer needs to know - this is about getting rewards - or perks - when shopping from your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, or sandwich shop. There is no need to add unnecessary words for the sake of filling up the space on your brand’s loyalty card.

Pandora Club opted for the same level of simplicity by capitalizing on another great word to use in the name of your loyalty program - club. This is a simple and effective way to create a sense of belonging to a brand.

Tip #2: Be Creative

Loyalty Program Names - Be Creative

Launching a loyalty program is first and foremost an ecommerce marketing strategy, so you have to poke your creativity. You want your rewards program name to make you stand out from the crowd and be different from the competition.

Best Examples of Creative Loyalty Program Names

One of the most creative names for loyalty programs is by far Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards. While this name is far from simple, it’s as innovative and fun as you get. Meanwhile, it also makes it super clear what this is all about and connects back to Domino’s line of business - they make pizza pies.

Tip #3: Appeal to the Customer Emotions

Both offline and online shopping is a largely emotional process, and how a customer feels about a brand plays a major role in determining whether they will buy from you or another store. Customer emotions and feelings play an even bigger role in building loyalty and making them repeat customers.

So, you have to use your loyalty program name to set up the emotional background.

Best Examples of Emotional Loyalty Program Names

Wells Fargo did a great job by calling its rewards program Go Far. This simple name acts subconsciously on customers by making them feel that the company will help them go beyond what is otherwise attainable and reach a whole new level of achievements. This emotional name makes you believe that Wells Fargo will help you succeed.

My Lancome Rewards is another example of the best beauty loyalty program names when it comes to touching on emotions. By simply adding MY to their program name, Lancome makes customers feel that this is their own program, helping build loyalty.

Tip #4: Highlight Your Brand Values

An easy, yet effective way to solidify customer loyalty is to clearly display the values of your company, your team, and your brand, and one of the best places to do this is the name of your rewards program. Some of the most unique loyalty program names have won big gains by focusing on the brand values.

Best Examples of Retail Loyalty Program Names Highlighting Brand Values

Love Your Body Club by The Body Shop works on creating a positive body image among all customers and installing the value of appreciating and taking good care of your body. It’s hard to resist becoming loyal to a brand that’s undertaking such a massive and significant mission.

Meanwhile, the M&S Sparks Loyalty Card reveals that Marks & Spencer aims to help you sparkle in your own unique way, which is a highly relevant mission for a clothing and beauty brand. Once again, it’s hard to resist joining their loyalty club.

Tip #5: Incorporate Your Brand Name

The best customer loyalty program names incorporate the brand, but this has to be done in a smart and creative way. Otherwise, most rewards programs mention the brand name in one way or another.

To distinguish yourself from the competition, you should figure out a way to play around and have fun with the name of your brand.

Best Examples of Loyalty Program Names Incorporating the Brand

One of the top examples of nailing this strategy is The Diamond Club by Diamanti Per Tutti. The jewelry brand Diamanti Per Tutti is all about bringing diamonds to the everyday lifestyle, and it’s a very smart idea to include the word DIAMOND in their rewards program name. It’s simple, yet effective and definitely highlighting the brand’s line of business.

Tip #6: Include the Brand Loyalty Program Currency

Loyalty Program Names - Use Your Brand Currency

Another thing many successful names of loyalty programs do is to use the currency with which costumes get rewarded. When it comes to naming their loyalty program currency, some brands go for something as simple as points or rewards, while others get more creative and use bucks, dollars, stars, miles, and many others

Best Examples of Loyalty Program Currency Names

The next three companies have done a great job in coming up with creative and descriptive names for their own currency and building rewards programs around them. Tokopedia simply named its currency TokoPoints because it is all about collecting points. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful.

Delta Airlines did what a lot of airlines do by using the word MILES, and the final result is amazing - Delta SkyMiles. Meanwhile, Starbucks played on the word STAR in the brand name to come up with the currency Starbucks Stars.

Tip #7: Think of Something Inclusive to Accommodate Future Growth

When naming your rewards program, don’t limit yourself and the future growth of your business by coming up with something that is too specific. Leave enough space to accommodate any potential business expansion in the future. For example, if you’re currently in the jewelry industry, a few years down the road you might have an opportunity to go into clothing too, for example. Let the name of your loyalty program grow with you.

Best Examples of Inclusive Loyalty Program Names

An excellent example of this ecommerce loyalty program strategy is Costa Club by Costa Coffee. While this name makes it perfectly clear that it relates to exclusive benefits available to members of Costa Club, it is inclusive - or even generic - enough to allow Costa to expand into any other industry they’d like to. There’s no specific mention of coffee, for instance, in the name of their loyalty card program names.

Tip #8: Make It Sound Exclusive

Loyalty Program Names - Sound Exclusive

The feeling of exclusivity and privilege is a pillar of the concept of boosting customer retention through a loyalty program. You want your repeat customers to know that they are being treated in an exclusive way and an exceptional manner and that they have access to privileges (maybe special discounts, unique rewards, or even maybe customary products and services). This feeling of exclusiveness will strengthen their loyalty and make them come back over and over again.

So, make sure that you go for VIP loyalty program names. Even if you don’t go for a tiered rewards program, its name has to leave your customers with the feeling that they are being treated like VIPs by your brand.

Best Examples of Exclusive Loyalty Program Names

One of the absolutely most effective names of loyalty programs in making customers feel special is the Beauty Insider Program by Sephora. The word INSIDER does the perfect job at creating exactly this sense of exclusivity because of having access to the inner circles. Moreover, it also combines the effect of appealing to customer emotions and highlighting the brand values of working towards beauty.

Another great example of a rewards program with an element of exclusiveness is Amazon Prime. Once again, a single word - PRIME - is enough to make loyal customers feel special. As an added bonus, this name is as simple as it gets.

Tip #9: Play on Words to Make It Memorable

One of the best tricks in many different ecommerce marketing strategies, including naming a rewards program, is to play on words. As a digital marketer, you have to be a word champion and know how to use words better than anyone else. Well, now’s your time to shine!

Catchy loyalty program names are much more likely to grab the attention of customers and retain it. So, let your creativity and innovative spirit go wild this time.

Best Examples of Playful Loyalty Program Names

The Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles must be one of the absolutely best names of loyalty programs out there. What’s not to love about it?! It’s short and to the point; it’s fun and creative; and it’s playful and smart. Moreover, it brings happy emotions because of the association with smiles, while SMILES is a play on MILES which is a common word used by airlines in their rewards programs. Turkish Airlines have absolutely nailed it with this one.

The Subway MyWay Rewards Card is a close second. MY WAY is a funny play on SUBWAY, while it also highlights the personalization and customization aspect of the loyalty program. After all, everyone loves getting things done their way.

Yet another great example in this category is the Jewel Squad Rewards Program by Kristalize Jewelry. While JEWEL SQUAD just sounds fun, there is nothing squad-ish about jewelry. It’s just a nice-sounding expression creating a sense of belonging to an exclusive group - a squad is even more exclusive than a club.

Tip #10: Create Distinction Between Different Tiers

Tiered loyalty programs are a whole separate type of rewards programs that make a lot of sense from an ecommerce business point of view and drive strong, positive results. This means that you should work on coming up with strategic loyalty program tier names too. The name of each tier should reflect that it’s even more special and even more exclusive than the previous one.

Best Examples of Loyalty Program Level Names

H&M has done a great job in this regard. The name of their loyalty program is absolutely nothing special - H&M Member. It’s simple but nothing more than that. However, the naming of the higher - more exclusive - tier is something done right: H&M Member Plus. Once again, it’s simple, but it succeeds in conveying the exact messages it’s meant to convey - these loyal customers have access to even more perks than regular loyal customers.

Tip #11: Avoid Anything Discriminatory

Last but not least, the most important tip for coming up with loyalty card program names is to avoid anything and everything that might somehow sound discriminatory, offensive, or hurtful to anyone. While this might sound like a no-brainer, it’s important to highlight the need to stay neutral, kind, and nice. Otherwise, you risk causing much more damage to your brand than the potential benefits of launching a rewards program for loyal customers.

50 Top Loyalty Program Names Ideas to Give You a Headstart

Now that you know how to go about naming your loyalty rewards program, you may still need some extra help in getting started. Here we’ve put together 50 suggestions for names to give to your program in combination with your brand name or currency points:

  • Loyalty Lounge
  • Loyalty League
  • Loyalty Leaders
  • Loyalty Club
  • Loyalty Circle
  • Points Plus
  • Points Paradise
  • Points Program
  • Priority Rewards
  • Rewards Club
  • VIP Rewards
  • VIP Program
  • Elite Benefits
  • Elite Club
  • Elite Advantage
  • Elite Rewards
  • Preferred Perks
  • Preferred Rewards
  • Preferred Customer Program
  • Priority Access
  • Perks Program
  • Select Club
  • Club Exclusive
  • Superstar Club
  • Prestige Program
  • Advantage Program
  • Inner Circle Program
  • Inner Circle
  • Insider Program
  • Insider Circle
  • Member Benefits
  • Frequent Buyer Program
  • Miles Ahead
  • Premier Program
  • Premium Rewards
  • Premium Perks
  • Premium Membership
  • Silver Rewards
  • Silver Advantage
  • Silver Club
  • Gold Advantage
  • Gold Club
  • Golden Rewards
  • Gold Status
  • Platinum Points
  • Platinum Club
  • Platinum Rewards
  • Platinum Membership
  • Diamond Club
  • Diamond Elite

Getting Started with the Best Loyalty Program

Thinking of the best possible name for your ecommerce rewards program is one of the steps, but it’s not enough in order to launch such a program. You also need to figure out the technical setup and implementation on your website. And this is something that Core Loyalty can help with.

Core Loyalty Can Help You Launch a Loyalty Program

Access to our AI-driven tools allows you to set up and start different types of loyalty programs with zero efforts. Meanwhile, the performance of your program will be optimized through the use of the latest technology and the most comprehensive data.

Sign up for a free demo now to learn how to launch the best loyalty program in no time.


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